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Praise from the Community for Our Staff

Once again, we received a touching letter and thought we should share it with you. This time from a friend of a patient. It’s clear from this note that the effort San Simeon gives to those in our long-term care, as well as our short-term rehabilitation and our adult day care program is having a positive impact on those who stay with us.

Please take a moment to read Gert’s note:

Dear Folks.

A friend stopped by yesterday and in our visit I asked about her husband. She told me he was now at your facility. She spoke so positively about the care he is receiving there that I was hugely impressed. Having visited a few nursing homes in the course of my life and having heard about some others, I was awed! So, I decided to send this unsolicited note of praise. You don’t know me (and I hope I won’t be in need of nursing care!) but I do think that good and kind and professional service should always be praised. If all of us would pass on a word of encouragement or affirmation each day, our world would indeed be a better place for all!

Keep up the good work!
God bless you all!

note from Gert
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