My dear Violetta. What can I say but I miss you. I had such good care while I was there thanks in part to you. You are such a wonderful person inside and out. As a caregiver you are the best. I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave to me. You go above and beyond in you care. You are what makes the world a better place. San Simeon has such a treasure in you and I highly compliment you for your professionalism and expert care-giving. Not only to me but to the other roommates I had while I was there. You are the best!


Dear Nancy, Beverly and Sherriel. Words fail me how to ever thank you three for all your kindness to both Hallock and me. You were always there with a kind word and a smile. What fun you were which made life a little better in here. I will think of you three while I'm home with a big hug and throw a kiss your way.

Cottie Tuthill

I cannot emphasize enough my deep admiration and respect for the staff at San Simeon. No matter when I went to visit, my father was always clean, looked well cared for and appeared content. In addition, the building was clean and inviting. The staff was always professional, upbeat, understanding and caring, not only for my father but for me as a caregiver in spite of the challenging environment. Any questions or concerns I had were promptly and courteously addressed. I was always kept advised on his condition which was comforting as I struggled to juggle the demands of my own life as well as attend to my dad. I will miss the people I have met over the years. They made a difficult situation so much more pleasant. The laughs and smiles we shared helped lighten the sad reality and will always be remembered. Thank you so much.

Mary Grace (Spinelli) Finora

The care my husband receives at San Simeon is more than I was expecting. Not only is it wonderful for him, it also provides me with some respite time which is important for care givers. If the medical day care was not available he would have to be in a nursing home full time which I do not want. Along with the wonderful medical care he receives, it is great for socialization and provides activities, games and arts and crafts to participate in. I cannot say enough about how great the care is and how wonderful the caregivers are. Everyone at San Simeon is loving, kind, and hard working. It is a wonderful place for any loved one.


Our family thanks you so much for your generosity of spirit and your kindness shown to my husband. We so appreciate the compassion and support you provided to make his experience at San Simeon such a positive one. May God's blessings continue to make you all so special!


Some time ago my son and daughter-in-law traveled here from Texas to visit with me and my wife, Corinne, a long term patient residing in your "C" Wing. They were both very impressed with the entire facility, but especially so with the caring presence of the head nurse, Jackie Fields. Once they returned to Texas I believe they sent you a note expressing their admiration for Jackie's work. As someone that visits Corinne on a regular basis, I couldn't agree more with their praise. Jackie is an outstanding care giver and administrator. There has never been a time when I felt she wasn't doing her utmost in attending to all the patients on her floor. There have been occasions when I have observed her deal with difficult situations, not only efficiently, but with grace and good humor. Whenever I have questions or concerns regarding Corinne's condition, Jackie always provides me with clear and concise answers, a gift she has that is not often found in the medical community. Please pass along my thanks to Jackie for all that she does. I truly believe that, by her actions, she considers the time she spends at San Simeon to be a calling, not a job. It certainly shows!

Gordon Moore

Upon approaching the doors of San Simeon I was feeling quite apprehensive as to what lay ahead. My husband was being admitted to the rehabilitation unit after undergoing hip surgery. Upon entering the facility and going through the admission process and exchanging a few kind words with the receptionist the apprehension began to dissipate. The staff, the visitors and the patients greeted us with a smile. My main concern, however, was his care and physical therapy which would enable him to return home. As the days went by these concerns were completely eradicated. I can only praise the entire staff for its dedication. My husband and I have been married for fifty five years. His stay at San Simeon was the longest period of time we have spent away from each other. The excellent care, both physical and emotional by the entire staff made this as pain free as one would wish.

Irene Markotsis

I would like to thank the entire staff at San Simeon for the courtesy extended to me during my stay. Even though they were not all assigned to me on a one-to-one basis, anyone that I came in contact with was polite and concerned for my well being. There were many and I thank them all. A special thanks to my CNAs. What a wonderful group of people. My physical care was of course always first and foremost, but my dignity and my personal care were never forgotten. Thank you all! You rock West Wing!!


Thanks to all down in the P.T. and O.T. unit. I had very good care, not only from my designated P.T. but I had good experiences from all who are in that unit. Always upbeat and fun in so many ways... but pushing us to accomplish more in our recovery. From sharing stories from our new gardener (I applaud her for her passion about gardening & those yummy vegetables) to a healthier lunch like bulgur salad or your "sushi girl" and the laughs & all the encouragement you gave to all at any given time. Thanks for everything.

Mrs. Sinclair