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NYS Department of Health Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan


To protect the well-being of residents, staff, and visitors, the following all-hazards Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) has been developed and includes considerations necessary to satisfy the requirements for a Pandemic Emergency Plan (PEP). Appendix K of the CEMP has been adjusted to meet the needs of the PEP and will also provide facilities a form to post for the public on the facility’s website, and to provide immediately upon request. The CEMP is informed by the conduct of facility-based and community-based risk assessments and pre- disaster collaboration with State and local health departments, emergency management services and local authorities.

This CEMP is a living document that will be reviewed annually, at a minimum, in accordance with Section 7: Plan Development and Maintenance.


The purpose of this plan is to describe the facility’s approach to mitigating the effects of, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from natural disasters, man-made incidents, and/or facility emergencies.


The scope of this plan extends to any event that disrupts, or has the potential to significantly disrupt, the provision of normal standards of care and/or continuity of operations, regardless of the cause of the incident (i.e., man-made or natural disaster).

The plan provides the facility with a framework for the facility’s emergency preparedness program and utilizes an all-hazards approach to develop facility capabilities and capacities to address anticipated events.

NYS Dept. of Health

Four Phases of Emergency Management

Four Phases of Emergency Management

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