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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Test Results Update – No New Resident Positives

Dear Residents and Family Members,

Ongoing resident testing completed on Thursday did not reveal any new cases of COVID among our residents. To date, we have had a total of eleven residents test positive, all on one unit in the building. One new employee positive was found during employee testing performed on Thursday.

Our mitigation efforts continue and we will keep you apprised of any new cases.

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COVID-19 Test Results Update

Dear Residents and Family Members

During ongoing resident testing performed on Tuesday, four additional residents have tested positive for COVID-19. All residents are from the same unit where the original cases were found on Sunday. Notification to families of affected residents have been made.

We continue aggressive infection control and containment procedures and have all affected residents separated to one wing of the unit.

We will continue to update you as necessary.

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COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Family Members,

As you are aware, COVID cases are rampant in the community and unfortunately we have to report our first cases of the virus among our resident population. During routine testing, six residents (three sets of roommates) on one unit tested positive. All of the affected residents and family members have been informed. Employee testing has reveals several additional positives as well.

We have been testing residents every three days (more frequently as necessary) which enabled us to catch these new cases quickly. We will continue frequent testing going forward. Additionally, employee testing is now twice weekly. All units are undergoing additional sanitation and cycle cleaning. Staff have been in-serviced to ensure full understanding of new COVID-19 infection control protocols.

We have been fortunate to have been COVID free for the past ten months (to the day!). The medical world has come a long way in that time to provide best practices in dealing with COVID-19 and we can benefit from that knowledge to ensure we contain the virus as best as possible and provide the proper care to the residents who are affected.

Rest assured we are aggressively addressing this new phase of the pandemic for the staff and residents at San Simeon. I have full confidence in our team as we meet this challenge head on.

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Visitation and Vaccination Updates

Dear Residents and Family Members,

I am very pleased to report that ongoing resident testing per NYS Department of Health requirements has turned up no positive cases of COVID-19. Our employee weekly testing did however result in one additional positive result requiring us to continue the ban on outside visitation for an additional two weeks.

COVID vaccination administration was performed on Monday, January 4th and I am very proud to report that 97% of our resident population received the first dose of the vaccine! Additionally, thirty six percent of our employees elected to receive the vaccine during this first vaccine clinic visit, as well. No residents suffered any adverse reactions to the vaccine and no employees reported any issues or called out sick subsequent to being vaccinated.

There will be a second vaccine clinic day on January 25th to administer second doses to all who received their first dose this past Monday, and also administer first doses to any new admissions and any additional staff that would like to be vaccinated. We expect employee vaccination rates to increase significantly during this second clinic date.

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Visitation Suspension Update

Dear Residents and Families,

I am pleased to report that resident testing has turned up no positive cases among the resident population. We will continue to test residents every three days per requirements until the 14 day period has expired. This is due to the three positive COVID test results we received among our employees last week.

Unfortunately, weekly employee testing this week revealed another employee positive, so the earliest date for reopening to visitation has to be pushed back until no earlier than January 14th. Resident testing every three days also must be continued through the new 14 day period per requirement.

We will continue to keep you informed as we go forward.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Dear Residents and Family Members,

We apologize for any confusion but we were just informed by CVS Pharmacy, the entity who will be administering the COVID-19 vaccine to our residents and staff, have rescheduled the vaccination date at San Simeon. Unfortunately they have moved our vaccination dates to January 4th and 25th (from previously scheduled December 30 and January 20).

As this is a two shot vaccine, residents and some staff will be vaccinated on January 4th and receive their second dose on January 25th. Also on the 25th, anyone who did not receive their first dose on the 4th may have their first dose administered on the 25th. There will be a third clinic date (to be determined but likely on or around February 15th) to provide second doses to those who received their first dose on January 25th.

The consent you provided earlier is sufficient and there is no need for any additional action on your part. We merely are informing you of the date change. We expect there will be no further rescheduling of the vaccination process however this is not in our control.

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Potential Reopening to Visitors on January 5th

Unfortunately, three of our employees have tested positive for COVID-19 as a result of our most recent weekly testing. Subsequently, we are prohibited from allowing visitation for the next 14 days. Our earliest date for reopening to visitors is January 5th. Additionally, residents must remain on their units and communal activities must also be suspended during this time. We will begin testing residents immediately as per NYS DOH requirements.

We understand this is particularly difficult given the holidays and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Schedule

To all San Simeon by the Sound Residents and Families:

As we are again in the midst of a regional and national spike in COVID-19 infections we are pleased to bring to your attention the upcoming COVID-19 vaccination schedule for all long-term care residents.

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Continuation of Visitation Suspension

Good Morning Residents, Family Members and Designated Representatives,

Unfortunately, the virus situation in the local community has not significantly improved, and in fact, positive cases are climbing island-wide. More local nursing facilities are seeing significant spikes in cases of COVID-19 and deaths, as well.

As difficult restricting visitation is and has been, especially with the holidays upon us, we have to consider the greater ramifications and realities of this virus. To that end, we have regrettably decided to continue the visitation suspension for another week. We reassess this decision daily and will revise our visitation policy if we feel the situation/risk improves to an acceptable level.

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Important Visitation and Vaccination Updates

Good Morning Residents and Families,

It is my pleasure to report that resident testing conducted multiple times over the past two weeks, subsequent to our most recent employee positive COVID test result, has found no positive cases! Considering how widespread this virus has become in our community and nationwide during this second wave, we are very proud of this continued achievement.

We are very concerned about community spread and the current very high transmission rates, so while we technically are allowed to reopen to visitors, we are taking a proactive – and difficult – position to continue the visitation suspension. We will continue the suspension of visitation for one week periods, wherein we will reassess the situation in the community. Therefore we will continue the suspension through December 21st. We understand fully how difficult not seeing loved ones can be for residents and their loved ones, especially during the holiday season, but we strongly believe this is the right move at this time.

We hope with the introduction of the vaccine, we will begin to see things taper off and become more manageable. To that end, we have been notified by our chosen pharmacy, CVS, that they will be offering the first does of the COVID vaccine to our residents on December 30th, with the second dose to be administered on January 21st. We do not have many details at this time however, you can rest assured we will be reaching out once we have more information, and to obtain consent for vaccination prior to this date.

Hopefully there is finally a light at the end of this terrible tunnel we have been in for almost a year!

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