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Monday, December 19th Update

Dear Residents and Family Members,

Ongoing resident and staff testing did reveal five new cases of COVID among our resident population over the weekend. We had three staff test positive with routine testing as well. Many positive residents have recovered and turned negative. That brings the total COVID positive residents in-house to 7 and staff to 6. All residents and staff are doing well. Please remember that Facetime calls can be set up with the recreation department Ext 423 to limit the amount of traffic and possible exposure to our residents.

With the holidays upon us, please remember that if you are not feeling well or have been exposed in any way, please refrain from visiting. I understand it is a holiday week, and many families would like to take their loved one home for a visit. I am implementing a temporary policy that if a resident goes out on pass, upon their return, they must quarantine for five days which may be in a different room than their normal assigned room. This variant of COVID is spreading rapidly, and we must take every precaution possible to keep the residents and staff healthy. Please take this into consideration when making holiday plans. Any resident that has active COVID will be allowed one visitor at a time. N95 masks are mandatory throughout the building, and we have a supply for visitors. Negative COVID tests must be presented daily for visitation. Test kits are available 7 days a week from reception. Please use the test kits for facility visitation only, as we have a limited supply. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy holiday, and I will update you as changes occur.


Kelly Moteiro, MS RN Acting Administrator

mother and daughter celebrating Christmas wearing protective face masks
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