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San Simeon Specializes in Short-Term Post-Acute Rehabilitation

After suffering from a heart attack or stroke, your doctor will most likely request that you seek short-term rehabilitation at a facility. Short-term rehab, also known as post-acute rehab, usually takes place at a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation facility. Post-acute care is usually overseen by physicians and nurses, and does not start until the patient is discharged from the hospital. The rehab can be as long as a few days up to 100 days, which is the cutoff date for when Medicare will cover in New York State.

San Simeon by the Sound provides short-term post-acute rehabilitation services for those recovering from surgery and other medical conditions. San Simeon provides enhanced therapy programs through the medical services of the attending physicians and other professionals to transition guests back into their community.

San Simeon Uses Various Treatments

The facility uses different treatment modalities and equipment, such as electronic stimulation, diathermy, ultrasound, Sci-Fit machines, the Biodex Balance System, pulley systems and free weights to help patients recover from medical conditions. Not only does San Simeon focus on physical rehabilitation services, but they also provide Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) and Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD). TPN, also known as intravenous or IV nutrition feeding is a method of providing nutrition through the veins for daily function. TPN contains a mixture of protein, carbs, glucose, fat, vitamins and minerals. An LVAD is a mechanical pump implanted in the chest to help weakened hearts pump blood by directing blood from the left ventricle to the ascending aorta.

Sci-Fit rehabilitation machine

With countless years of combined experience and diverse clinical knowledge, San Simeon’s staff is equipped with a wide range of methods to improve wound healing and thus improving the patient’s quality of life. San Simeon’s wound specialists are health care professionals trained in the care and treatment of all types of wounds, both acute and chronic. Among the most commonly treated wounds are those caused from an acute injury, pressure sores, surgical wounds and diabetic wounds.

The facility also specializes in joint replacement rehabilitation, physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Occupational therapy focuses on helping the patients with participating in leisurely activities and hobbies, using medical response tools, strengthening tongue, lips, and other necessary muscles for speech, swallowing, drinking, and social interaction, such as public dining.

post-acute rehab patient returns home

The Ultimate Goal

San Simeon’s goal is to successfully transition patients from the hospital to their home and provide the tools for each phase of recovery. Health care professionals communicate with you and your family to define a treatment plan that best suits your goals, whether you are recovering from an illness, injury or joint replacement surgery. During your stay, the facility provides ongoing, comprehensive evaluations to determine your need for outpatient services for your return home.

With San Simeon’s rehabilitation and post-acute care programs, your journey to recovery is measured every step of the way to ensure that you’re receiving the correct level of care to achieve your goals and expectations. The goal is not only for you to recover, but also to prevent future medical complications through education and enhanced well-being.

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