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September is National Rehabilitation Awareness Month

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week is a time to highlight and acknowledge the positive impact that rehab services make in the lives of people in need. Rehab is the road to recovery and benefits a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. During the month of September and especially during National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, it’s important to recognize rehabilitation professionals who all work together to make a difference in the lives of others.

San Simeon by the Sound is a community-based skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility that is comprised of volunteers from varied professional backgrounds. Both our long-term and short-term rehabilitation programs service those seeking cardiac rehabilitation as a result of an illness, heart attack, stroke, and those recovering from surgery. We provide rehabilitation services that feature a wide variety of medical specialties and services to transition our residents back into their community.

Our rehab therapists have great patience and understanding as well as a thorough knowledge of joints and muscles in the body. From musculoskeletal issues to joint pain, and strokes, they provide help and hope to the residents at San Simeon every day.

Rehabilitation Lengthens Life & Improves Quality of Life

At San Simeon by the Sound, our physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists are there to enhance the quality of life of our residents by providing consistent excellent care. Our staff is passionate, attentive, reliable, supportive, and always strives to create strong relationships with our residents. We exemplify teamwork and create a positive environment to develop programs that foster patient progress.

The kind of rehabilitation that we give is individualized so it allows each person to progress at their own level of ability. Our therapists work with residents to restore the greatest level of function and independence to help them overcome obstacles and accomplish the normal tasks of daily living.

San Simeon physical therapy rehab services
San Simeon physical rehab program
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Interesting Facts About the Different Kinds of Therapies

  • Occupational therapy originated from basket weaving and was officially recognized by the medical community as a profession in 1921.
  • “The PT Review” featured the first-ever published piece of physical therapy research in print in 1921.
  • Physical therapy started during World War I as there was a need to take care of injured soldiers.
  • The first physical therapists during World War I were called “reconstruction aides.”
  • Occupational therapy techniques date back to 100 BC when a Greek physician named Asclepiades used occupational therapy methods to treat mental illness.
  • During World War II, many soldiers suffered brain injuries which resulted in aphasia. As A Result, the need for speech rehabilitation services drew many people to the profession of speech therapy.
  • In 1975, public schools began employing thousands of occupational therapists to help disabled children.
  • The first-ever National Rehabilitation Awareness Week was in 1976.
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