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Celebrating Mary Tuthill’s 105th Birthday

Mary Tuthill, a San Simeon by the Sound resident, will be celebrating her 105th birthday on September 30th, 2019. This is just one milestone in a lifetime of momentous achievements.

Pursuing Her Passion

In junior high school, Mary decided she wanted to pursue a career in nursing. Her mother forbade her from doing so hoping that she would study business in order to become a secretary. Due to Mary’s academic excellence, her high school principal allowed her to study both subjects simultaneously. Upon graduating, Mary began nursing training at St. Catherine’s hospital where she dedicated 72 hours a week pursuing her true passion.

A Lifetime of Accomplishments

Mary Tuthill’s life has been filled with noteworthy accomplishments, most of which were achieved while being a loving mother to four sons and five daughters. Tuthill served as the first director of the Eastern Long Island PTA, and was an active member of the Suffolk County Advisory Board of Catholic Charities along with its Eastern Suffolk Community Center. She also served as president of the Suffolk County and Nassau-Suffolk Lung Associations. This only begins to scratch the surface of Mary Tuthill’s life of boundary-breaking successes. And she’s still going strong!

Mary Tuthill with man
Mary Tuthill at table

Never Too Late to Learn!

Mary Tuthill Learns how to Ride a Bike in her 70s
Mary Tuthill learned how to ride a bike in her 70s
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