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The East End Ass Whisperers Return

On June 7th, the East End Ass Whisperers came back to San Simeon by the Sound, much to the delight of the residents and staff. Emily, Bernadette, and Cathy of EEAW have been bringing their donkeys to San Simeon each year to share with all of us. These donkeys are calm and very friendly with the residents, and they each have very different personalities. The residents spent the afternoon petting and brushing them. The donkeys were all dressed up with hooves painted purple to match their specially-made baseball hats. The ladies, along with the donkey handler, James, made the day so much fun!

An Annual Tradition

The East End Ass Whisperers had tried to come earlier this year during Nursing Home Week but it was a cold and rainy day so they rescheduled for us. You may recall the EEAW visit from last year when Diesel, Lil E. Putian, Pop E., Hope, and C. More (Ass) were here last. We are very thankful and hope the Whisperers continue to come for many more years!

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