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Gordon Moore

Some time ago my son and daughter-in-law traveled here from Texas to visit with me and my wife, Corinne, a long term patient residing in your “C” Wing. They were both very impressed with the entire facility, but especially so with the caring presence of the head nurse, Jackie Fields. Once they returned to Texas I believe they sent you a note expressing their admiration for Jackie’s work.

As someone that visits Corinne on a regular basis, I couldn’t agree more with their praise. Jackie is an outstanding care giver and administrator. There has never been a time when I felt she wasn’t doing her utmost in attending to all the patients on her floor. There have been occasions when I have observed her deal with difficult situations, not only efficiently, but with grace and good humor. Whenever I have questions or concerns regarding Corinne’s condition, Jackie always provides me with clear and concise answers, a gift she has that is not often found in the medical community.

Please pass along my thanks to Jackie for all that she does. I truly believe that, by her actions, she considers the time she spends at San Simeon to be a calling, not a job. It certainly shows!

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