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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Cumulative Statistics

January 2021:

11 positive cases
3 deaths

November 2021:

1 positive case
0 deaths

January 2022:

16 positive cases
0 deaths

October 2022:

15 positive cases
1 death

Total Positive COVID cases March 2020 to date: 43

Total resident deaths attributed to COVID-19 infection: 4

Friday, February 4th COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Families,

We are pleased to report there have been no new positive cases of COVID-19 among our residents or staff. As a result, we are able to recommence out on pass privileges. Please provide 48 hours advance notice to the nursing units of your intent to go out on pass.

Please also be reminded that strict social distancing and masking rules remain in effect while in the building visiting with residents.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Wednesday, February 2nd COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Families,

I am happy to report that all previously positive COVID-19 residents are recovering and are now testing negative. As well there have been no new positive cases among our residents. Additionally, there have been no new employee positive results from testing this week.

We continue with regular testing and stringent infection control practices to try to keep the virus out of our building.

Thank you for your continuing support of our efforts.

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Monday, January 24th COVID-19 Update

Dear residents and families,

We have one new positive Covid test result from resident testing. Most of the previously positive residents are now testing negative so we currently have three residents testing positive in the facility (two from last Thursday and one from Sunday). We have three employees currently out as well.

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Thursday, January 20th COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Families,

Testing between yesterday and today revealed a total of seven new cases of COVID among our residents. All but two of our previous COVID cases are still testing positive so the total cases in the building is nine. We also had one additional employee test positive, making the total of employees currently positive four.

The State has provided a limited number of “at home” tests we can provide to visitors to meet the 24 hours visitor testing requirement. Tests will be provided on a first-come basis between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday. You may only use these tests for the purpose of visiting a resident in the facility, at the time of visitation. You will have to take the test in the parking lot and then bring in the negative result in order to be cleared to visit. Please DO NOT enter the building if you receive a positive result on the test!

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Monday, January 17th COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Families,

I am happy to report that all previous COVID positive residents prior to last week are testing negative and are asymptomatic. We have two active cases (previously reported that are already testing negative) and two new cases from yesterday.

Currently three employees are also out due to COVID.

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Friday, January 14th COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Families,

I would like to update you on our COVID-19 status. This week we had one new COVID-19 case among our residents bringing our current total of resident COVID-19 cases to two. We also had one new employee positive result.

Additionally, the Department of Health has provided some clarification regarding home testing for visitation purposes. We will now accept a photo of your home test cartridge or test strip showing a negative result, ALONG with a signed attestation by the visitor ensuring the validity of the test, to allow visitation in the building. We will ask you to sign this attestation when you come to visit.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding.

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Tuesday, January 11th COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Families,

The Governor has implemented new requirements for visiting loved ones in nursing facilities effective Wednesday, January 12th. According to these rules, visitors must show proof of a negative COVID test dated within 24 hours of their visit in order to be admitted into the building.

If you wish to be tested at the facility for the purpose of visiting a resident, you must come to the front entrance on either Tuesdays or Thursdays between the hours of 6:30am and 9:00am or 2:00pm -3:30pm. No appointment is necessary.

COVID-19 Update:

I am pleased to report that all our previous six positive residents have recovered and are testing negative for COVID-19.

Unfortunately, we do have one new COVID positive resident and one new employee positive.

We continue to encourage social distancing, N95 mask wearing and enforcing strict infection control procedures to mitigate any possible spread.

Wishing all well.

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Wednesday, January 5th COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Families,

COVID-19 testing performed today revealed an additional two positive cases among our residents.

In an effort to ensure the continued safety of our residents, due to the extremely high COVID positivity rates island wide, we are temporarily suspending out-on-pass privileges. In addition, we would also strongly encourage visitors to utilize Facetime and window visits rather than in person visitation. You may contact the Activities Department to schedule a window or Facetime visit at extension 423.

We thank you for your continued cooperation.

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Tuesday, January 4th COVID-19 Update

I write to inform you of two new positive COVID-19 cases among our residents discovered during testing this week, in addition to two staff positives as well. As a result of the positive cases, we have increased the frequency of resident testing to every three days for the next fourteen days and employee testing continues weekly and as necessary. Visitors must wear N95 masks while visiting on resident units. Other visitation rules remain unchanged.

Please be reminded if you do not feel well or are exhibiting any type of cold symptoms, please refrain from visiting the facility. The risk of transmissibility is just too high to be worth the risk.

Thanks for your continued cooperation.

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Monday, December 27th COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Families,

With the rapid spread of the Omicron variant and the very high COVID positivity rate we are experiencing specifically in Suffolk County, we had three employees routine COVID testing return back positive. As a result, we have implemented some enhanced infection control measures to ensure the continued safety of our residents. Specifically, we are requiring everyone who enters our building to wear an N95 facemask, as well as enforcing strict social distancing and limiting larger gatherings regardless of vaccination status.

We are proud to report that currently no residents are testing positive or experiencing any symptoms of COVID exposure.

Wishing you continued good health throughout this season.

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