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May 2024 – National Arthritis Awareness Month

May is Arthritis Awareness Month, advocating for the millions of Americans coping with this medical issue. This post focuses on protecting your joints, one of the most effective ways to prevent arthritis or mitigate its symptoms.

Protect Your Joints

Joint injuries can cause or worsen arthritis. Choose activities that are easy on the joints like walking, bicycling, and swimming. These low-impact activities have a low risk of injury and do not twist or put too much stress on the joints. Learn more about how to exercise safely with arthritis.

Injuries to joints from sports, work, or vehicle accidents can increase risk of developing  osteoarthritis. Take steps to prevent or minimize joint injuries to reduce the risk of developing or worsening osteoarthritis.  Actions include wearing protective equipment, seatbelts, and avoiding repetitive motion joint damage.


senior Asian female holding her wrist from arthritis

Treating Arthritis at San Simeon

San Simeon by the Sound utilizes physical therapy and other methods proven to diminish arthritis symptoms. Contact us today to learn more about all San Simeon has to offer.

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