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Our Family Support System

At San Simeon, we recognize that our residents are not the only ones who need professional support. Therefore, our range of family care services provides support outside caregivers and the loved ones of our residents.

Caregiver Support

San Simeon holds a weekly Caregiver Support Group, teaching caregivers how to overcome challenges that commonly arise. These support groups cover topics spanning disease management, self-care, social stimulation, nutrition, and more.

Family Support

Every month, San Simeon offers a family-led council that works hand-in-hand with our staff to ensure their family members and all other residents are receiving optimal care tailored to each of their unique needs. Additionally, we hold a monthly meditation session to help residents’ family members cope with stress and attain peace of mind.

seniors holding a baby at a nursing home

Learn More About Our Family Care Services

Are you interested in learning more about our family care services or any of the additional services we offer? Contact us today, and we will provide you with answers to any questions you might have.

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