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Understanding Different Levels of Care In A Nursing Home Setting

A senior’s health tends to evolve as time goes by. With these changes, they will need specialized care that adapts to their needs. Choosing the right level of care for a loved one will ensure they stay healthy for years to come. This article will discuss different levels of care provided in nursing homes and go through some of our facility’s services.

Long-Term Care: Providing Comprehensive Support for Seniors

Long-term nursing home living is much more than checking a person’s health. It’s all about creating a pleasant environment for seniors and enabling them to lead happy lives. This type of care is adaptable and caters to your general needs and specific health requirements. 

Additionally, long-term care needs to create a personalized experience for each resident. San Simeon, for instance, has a patient-centered holistic approach designed to provide freedom and flexibility to ensure seniors enjoy their golden years. 

nurses helping senior fill out form
senior getting a health check-up
nurse doing cognitive activity with resident

The Role of Medical Professionals in Nursing Home Care

A dedicated team of medical professionals is crucial to ensure seniors are appropriately cared for. From primary care physicians responsible for health check-ups to registered nurses who check residents’ daily needs, they all play an essential role in keeping residents healthy. 

Therapists also play an important part. Whether physical therapy to enhance mobility or occupational therapy to ensure daily tasks are manageable, we have plenty of personalized medical services available as needed.

What Are The Different Levels Of Care? 

Every person’s needs are unique, and nursing homes often offer varied levels of care to cater to these differences: 

Low Level Of Care

This type of care is for relatively independent seniors. However, they may need occasional assistance with daily activities such as medication reminders, housekeeping, or cooking. Overall, they don’t require consistent medical attention but benefit from the social environment and other amenities a nursing home can provide.

High Level Of Care

Higher levels of care are for seniors who have significant medical needs. They might have a chronic illness, mobility issues, or need consistent medical monitoring and interventions. San Simeon has round-the-clock care from a team of medical professionals, ensuring we are there whenever they need us. 

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

Our Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care caters to residents facing cognitive challenges such as Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. These specialized units provide medical care and offer a secure environment to address their unique challenges. Personalized activities, structured routines, and specially trained staff will ensure they receive the necessary medical and emotional support.

National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers

Exploring Skilled Nursing Services at San Simeon by the Sound

During their golden years, most seniors seek a comfortable place that adapts to their needs and feels like home. If you’re considering a nursing home facility, we invite you to experience what San Simeon offers. Please contact our specialists or call (631) 477-2110 today to learn more about our facility. 

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