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Important Visitation and Vaccination Updates

Good Morning Residents and Families,

It is my pleasure to report that resident testing conducted multiple times over the past two weeks, subsequent to our most recent employee positive COVID test result, has found no positive cases! Considering how widespread this virus has become in our community and nationwide during this second wave, we are very proud of this continued achievement.

We are very concerned about community spread and the current very high transmission rates, so while we technically are allowed to reopen to visitors, we are taking a proactive – and difficult – position to continue the visitation suspension. We will continue the suspension of visitation for one week periods, wherein we will reassess the situation in the community. Therefore we will continue the suspension through December 21st. We understand fully how difficult not seeing loved ones can be for residents and their loved ones, especially during the holiday season, but we strongly believe this is the right move at this time.

We hope with the introduction of the vaccine, we will begin to see things taper off and become more manageable. To that end, we have been notified by our chosen pharmacy, CVS, that they will be offering the first does of the COVID vaccine to our residents on December 30th, with the second dose to be administered on January 21st. We do not have many details at this time however, you can rest assured we will be reaching out once we have more information, and to obtain consent for vaccination prior to this date.

Hopefully there is finally a light at the end of this terrible tunnel we have been in for almost a year!

Thank you for your cooperation and support,

Steve Smyth


senior female receiving COVID vaccine
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