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Making It Through the Pandemic and Welcoming the Future

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the tri-state area was reported from Manhattan on March 1, 2020. With all that has happened since, it is hard to believe that was just over two months ago.

Early and Decisive Action

As the third most populous state in America, taming the spread of Coronavirus in New York was not going to be an easy task. In order to help flatten the curve and keep our residents safe, our faculty understood that we would need to act early and decisively.

On Sunday March 22nd, all non-essential businesses were closed and people throughout New York began to see their own lives take a drastic shift. A little less than two weeks earlier on March 9th, some of the directors at San Simeon learned about a case of COVID-19 a short distance from our facility. Although the risk seemed slight at the time, we made the decision to close our doors to visitors. We knew that our residents and their loved ones weren’t going to be happy about this decision, but we also knew this was the only way to keep the virus from entering San Simeon by the Sound.

Strong Leadership Supported by an Incredible Staff

Kelly Moteiro, Director of Nursing at San Simeon, has always taken her leading role on with both diligence and compassion. She has been an integral part of the San Simeon family since 2016 and finds new ways to bolster the attitudes of other staff members, while finding time to put smiles on the faces of our residents faces daily.

“I’m taking care of so many families’ loved ones, and I would want the same for my family if they were here.”

Nursing Director Kelly Moteiro on ABC 7 News

San Simeon staff in front of heroes work here sign

The health and wellbeing of our residents are the top priorities for each staff member at San Simeon. No one complained when having their temperature taken upon reporting for shift, or when mandated to wear medical masks even when away from residents. At San Simeon, we could not be more grateful for having a staff filled with people willing to do whatever it takes to keep our residents safe.

Defeating The Odds

According to the New York State Department of Health, COVID-19 related deaths in nursing homes account for around 25% of the total number reported.

When Executive VP and Administrator of San Simeon, Steven C. Smyth, was asked how our facility has remained COVID-19 free amid a pandemic that has been a nightmare for most nursing homes he responded, “While I realize there is a significant amount of luck involved in that, without question the early and decisive actions we took administratively, and the ongoing tireless dedication of our clinical and support team is what really sets us apart.”

Holding hands

Providing Care With Open Arms

Of all the things we’ve learned and experienced during this pandemic, the power it has had to bring us closer together with our surrounding communities continues to leave the strongest impression. In an effort to provide the same love and compassion countless people have shared with our residents and staff members, we want you to know that your loved ones have an open invitation to experience all San Simeon by the Sound has to offer.

Pamela Dean, our Director of Admissions for over six years, is taking calls night and day to answer any questions you might have regarding you or a loved one joining the San Simeon community. Feel free to reach her by email at or contact her directly by phone at (631)477-2110 extension 402.

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