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Suffolk Nursing Home Remains COVID-19-Free – ABC News

Our Director of Nursing, Kelly Moteiro, was featured on ABC news yesterday. With her leadership and the unparalleled support provided by our entire faculty, San Simeon by the Sound has been able to remain free of COVID-19.

Keeping San Simeon Safe

During an interview with ABC’s Kristin Thorne, Moteiro explained the strict staffing guidelines implemented which have helped keep COVID-19 outside the doors of our facility.

I really think my staff has respected I’m not just a director sitting in an office, telling them the rules. I’m living them. So everyone has really stepped up. The teamwork is like I’ve never seen.

I’m taking care of so many families’ loved ones, and I would want the same for my family if they were here.”

Nursing Director Kelly Moteiro on ABC 7 News


Watch and read the full interview here

Kelly Moteiro
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