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Many Wonderful Things Happening at San Simeon by the Sound

San Simeon by the Sound is hosting many great things this summer for residents. In August, Piano Duets (Ruth and Doris) and Tambourine Tom and Mama Claire who all volunteer at San Simeon will be coming to San Simeon. During the music therapy program, Tambourine Tom and Mama Claire will hand out instruments to residents and interact with them. Tambourine Tom and Mama Claire come to San Simeon twice a month. Check the calendar on our website to see the full schedule.

Music Therapy Does Wonders for Residents at San Simeon

There have been various studies conducted regarding to how music affects the brain and how people associate music emotionally with different events in their lives. Studies have also shown music therapy has positive impacts on well-being and can improve depression symptoms in dementia.

People with dementia often experience depression due to memory loss, which can also lead to loss of independence and social isolation. However, incorporating music-based activities has been shown to be an effective non-pharmacological treatment for depression in dementia. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is linked to areas of the brain that control memory, emotions, and movement. Thus, people who have Parkinson’s disease or movement disorders, making or listening to music can improve gait, balance, range of motion and coordination. People who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, music therapy can unlock short-term and long-term memory and improve communication. Furthermore, music therapy has been shown to lower blood pressure, lessen the perception of pain and respiration rates, lower anxiety, and promote calming, relaxation, and sleep. Music also makes people unite and gives a sense of community because everyone is participating together.

San Simeon’s Art Recognized

Among the 267 art pieces that were submitted to LeadingAge New York, 56 members participated this year. San Simeon’s Director of Therapeutic Recreation, JoAnn Termini-Pira’s piece was chosen to be part of the select 70 pieces that make up the traveling exhibit. Her piece came in Top 10 and also received an Honorable Mention award. In addition, it will be on display at the LeadingAge New York major conferences this year. When not on the road, the art piece will be on display in the front lobby of the LeadingAge New York building for all to see.

LeadingAge New York is the only statewide organization representing the entire continuum of not-for-profit and public continuing care organizations. The annual LeadingAge New York Art Exhibit is a collection of the works of residents, registrants, staff and volunteers affiliated with LeadingAge New York and Adult Day Health Care Council members.

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Dr. Marilyn LoPresti tai chi demonstration

Some Other Activities San Simeon will be Hosting This Summer

On August 6, Founder and CEO of North Fork Bodies in Motion, LLC, Dr. Marilyn LoPresti will be giving a tai chi demonstration. Dr. LoPresti is dedicated to providing authentic tai chi, martial arts instruction, as well as Authentic Master Level Walk15 Low Impact Aerobics to the people of the North Fork of Long Island. She is a Second-Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo. She has studied Kung Fu and has visited and performed for the Grand Abbot at the Shaolin Temple in China. Dr. LoPresti and her sister were the first two women to have ever performed at the Shaolin Temple.

Initially developed for self-defense, tai chi has developed into a form of exercise that’s now used for stress reduction to promote serenity through gentle, flowing movements.

On August 20, San Simeon will be hosting Spirit Day as well as a birthday party for all residents who celebrate their birthday in the month of August. There will be a DJ and all sorts of snacks and sweets. On August 27, San Simeon will be taking residents on a day trip to Foxwoods where they will have a fun-filled day eating and gambling.

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