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Some Amazing Things Happening at San Simeon by the Sound this Spring

There’s always something special happening here at San Simeon. People helping people, someone’s life made a bit brighter, different generations learning from one another. This Spring is no exception. Just look at all the wonderful things taking place.

A Very Touching Donation

The daughter of one of San Simeon’s residents, Mary Cassel, who had sadly passed away last year at the age of 103, is giving thanks and spreading her generosity to a volunteer at the facility. Mary loved the music program at San Simeon. To show appreciation, Mary’s daughter, Jean, had given $103 to Tom Fisher who volunteers as a music therapist at San Simeon because her mother was 103 years old when she passed last year. This year, on April 8th Mary would have been 104 years old, so Jean came back to San Simeon and gave Mr. Fisher $104 to spend on music supplies for the music therapy program. Jean says that she intends to come to San Simeon next year and every year after to give Mr. Fisher the amount of money of her mother’s age for that year. Mr. Fisher, who is very grateful for Jean’s kindness, has bought personalized iPods and given out instruments for each resident in the music therapy program.

A Fun-Filled Easter Weekend at San Simeon

San Simeon would like to thank all the families and friends of the residents for donating candy for Easter weekend. Fun was had by all during the Easter egg hunt and the many games that were played, including the jellybean contest. Congratulations to the winner of the jellybean contest, Ebony Freedman, who came the closest to guessing how many jellybeans were in the jar.

It’s Getting to Look A Lot Like Spring at San Simeon

Sharna B. Nicholson and John DiCerbo, who are currently students in the Cornell Master Gardener program, have met with the Resident Community to put a plan in place to harvest herbs and vegetables from the raised beds and ground planting areas for cooking for the staff and residents at San Simeon. They already tested the soil in the raised beds to ensure that it would be a suitable location. The gardens will be wheelchair and walker accessible and will provide joy to the residents.

John and Sharna will meet with residents that want to be involved in the various stages – from identifying herbs and planting bulbs, to growing and harvesting. All plants will have nutritional and aesthetic value. The wonderful thing about garden success is that there will be an abundance of delicious produce.

Sharna Nicholson & John DiCerbo

Throughout the Spring season, many different flowers will be planted at San Simeon to make the grounds beautiful. The cutting of the flowers to decorate the facility dining area will give the facility a floral scent. The smell of herbs and flowers is beneficial for the elderly particularly because it conjures up recollections. Studies show that odors are especially effective as reminders of past experiences. One reason for this is due to the way the brain processes odors and memories. The sense of smell is closely connected to the amygdala and hippocampus, which are the brain regions that handle memory and emotion.

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