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San Simeon Works to Prevent the Spread of Germs During the Flu Season

It’s that time of year when flu season is in full swing. However, it’s not so easy avoiding the germs of your co-workers and others around you. Germs travel like wildfire – just that one doorknob contaminated with a virus spreads germs to about half of the people in a facility.

Here are some ways San Simeon by the Sound is helping to stop the spread of infection in their facility:

Flu Shot First

Staff as well as residents are offered flu and pneumonia vaccines. If a staff member chooses not to get the flu shot they are instructed, as part of New York State law, to wear a mask while in the facility. San Simeon also makes it a point to educate the staff regarding stopping the spread of flu and other illnesses during prime months.

Cleaning the Work Area

San Simeon advises all of its employees to take some time to clean around their work areas with anti-bacterial products to get rid of dust and dirt. A dirty workplace can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. If you are experiencing this at your workplace, it may be time for a clean up.

Flu shot patient

Outstanding Housekeeping

San Simeon also has an exceptional housekeeping service that consistently sanitizes the facility.

The housekeeping staff are conscious of what cleaning chemicals are being used because strong chemicals can be irritating to breathe in. They use cleaning supplies with high potency to kill germs and pay special attention to handrails and door knobs.

Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the building of San Simeon and staff is encouraged to keep hand sanitizer on them or at their desk, and to use it before touching office equipment – phones, mouse, keyboard, etc. Studies show that just by using hand sanitizer, detection of a virus on people’s hands went from 39 percent to 11 percent.

Any residents of San Simeon that are sick are encouraged to stay in their own room (if safe) and are educated to dispose of tissues properly. To stop the chain of infection staff are encouraged to always wash their hands and residents are given wet hand wipes to wash hands with, especially before dining.

San Simeon also has an Infectious Disease Physician, Dr. Walsh, on staff to assist with any consults that may be ordered due to flu or similar illness.

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