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Tuesday, December 13th Update

Dear Residents and Family Members,

Ongoing resident testing was completed last evening, and this morning did reveal 2 new cases of COVID among our resident population. That brings the total COVID positive in-house to 15. We had many residents in the past two days turn negative, which is wonderful news. We have 2 staff positive currently from in-house testing. All residents and staff are doing well, with general cold symptoms as the primary symptom we have seen. All but one of our residents who tested positive were fully vaccinated, and both staff members are fully vaccinated. Therefore, I must again stress the importance of practicing proper infection control protocols while in the facility to keep our residents, employees, and visitors safe. Regardless of the vaccination status of visitors, proper mask wearing is mandatory. I understand it may not be comfortable, and many of us do not wear masks in other places, and some of you may disagree. However, first and foremost, the residents and employees are our responsibility, and this is one of the most effective ways to protect them. No changes have been made to our visitation policy, but please refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well or have been exposed on the outside. With the holidays upon us, please use proper judgment in taking any of the residents out on pass for gatherings. As we have seen from one resident, being exposed and turning positive causes a spread to many others in this environment rapidly. Please remember Facetime calls can be set up with the recreation department at Ext 423 to limit the amount of traffic and possible exposure to our residents.


Kelly Moteiro, MS RN Acting Administrator

nurse and nursing home resident sitting on sofa wearing protective face masks
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