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Tuesday, November 23rd COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and Families,

As you are aware, last week we were mandated to remove restrictions to visitation so residents can enjoy visits with loved ones without needing appointments or having other restrictions placed on the visit. We began open visits on Thursday.

This past Sunday, a family member of a resident on C Unit (who visited on Thursday) informed us they tested positive for COVID-19. Today, the resident of that visitor has tested positive for COVID-19.

As a result, we have commenced testing all residents on the unit and increasing staff monitoring of residents for signs and symptoms of illness. We have isolated the positive resident and their roommate as a precaution. Staff have initiated proper infection control and mitigation procedures.

We are hopeful we have contained the infection at this point.

Visitation will remain open despite the infection.

Having this happen so quickly after reopening to visitors is a stark reminder to all residents and their families that the pandemic is not over by any means and we must do everything in our power to remain vigilant to prevent spreading this virus. To that end, any potential visitor who feels unwell for any reason should refrain from visiting residents in the nursing home. It is simply not worth the risk to the residents.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.

Steven Smyth


digital rendering of COVID-19 molecule
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