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Indoor Visitation Update

Good Afternoon Residents and Family Members,

In anticipation of colder and more inclement weather affecting our outdoor visitation, we are modifying our visitation policies effective as of our next reopen date (which is currently November 11th) . Starting on the 11th, visitation will be held indoors in the Daycare Center. In order to safely accommodate indoor visitation, we must restrict the amount of visitors we may have per session, as well as reduce the duration of visits to accommodate the largest number of residents and visitors.

As such, there will now be no more than 3 residents with visitors per session, and each session will last up to 30 minutes max. Visitors will follow the same procedure in terms of reporting to the main entrance and obtaining medical clearance prior to visitation. Be reminded the requirement of being tested negative within 7 days of the visit remains in effect. Once cleared medically, you may drive/walk down to the daycare entrance where a staff person will greet you and direct you for your visitation. All other previous requirements remain in effect, including social distancing, proper mask use, etc.

Please reach out to Judy to schedule your visits.

Thank you,

Steven Smyth


Wearing protective masks indoors
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