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US News & World Report Best Nursing Home for 2019-2020

Just a couple of months ago we were excited to find out that San Simeon by the Sound had been chosen as one of US News & World Report’s Best Nursing Homes for 2019-2020. We’re extremely proud to have received this honor and are even more proud of the reasons we were able to achieve this milestone: our staff and the residents they care for.

Outstanding Long-Term Care Providers

San Simeon by the Sound received US News & World Report’s highest possible ranking for long-term care. Our facility was part of the less than 8% of nursing homes to receive this honor out of the 15,000+ evaluated nursing homes.

“This rating evaluates a home’s ability to care for residents who need daily assistance with medical needs such as administering medications and non-medical needs such as dressing, eating and using the bathroom.”US News & World Report

US News and World Report Best Nursing Homes

Our facility outperformed national averages in every factor considered within US News & World Report’s long-term care ranking system.

  • Consistent nursing staff
  • Availability of nursing staff
  • Low amount of hospitalizations
  • Low amount of emergency-room visits
  • 100% pneumonia vaccinations given
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers
  • Maintained resident’s ability to self-care
  • Low use of anti-anxiety and hypnotic drugs
  • Low volume of complaints

Expanding on Our Long-Term Care Services

US News & World Report’s ranking system helps demonstrate some of the aspects San Simeon by the Sound excels in; however, we have much more to offer in addition to what they focused on.

Additional Long-Term Care Services We Offer

Best Nursing Home in Long Island

Short-Term Rehabilitation Statistics

San Simeon by the Sound also outperformed New York State and national averages in multiple factors considered within US News & World Report’s short-term care ranking system.

“This rating evaluates a nursing home’s quality of post-acute care for patients recovering from a hospital stay such as after stroke, heart attack, infection or accidental injury.”

  • Consistent nursing staff
  • Patients able to return home
  • Emergency-room visits
  • Flu vaccination
  • Prevention of falls
  • Use of antipsychotic drugs (0%)
  • Low volume of complaints

San Simeon and Its Surroundings

At San Simeon by the Sound, everything we do revolves around ensuring the best possible quality of life for our residents. This commitment is the reason we provide our residents with access to a range of services and amenities that make our facility genuinely feel like home.

Sound View Hotel, Greenport


Our outdoor serenity garden and patio gives our residents a calming place to relax while providing them with the opportunity to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits that growing and maintaining a garden offers. Our facility is also home to a beauty salon with hair, manicure, and pedicure services.


Located in Greenport, New York, San Simeon by the Sound residents can take in the area’s scenic views and participate in all of the recreational activities and entertainment the town has to offer. Take a look at our calendar of events to see the exciting plans on the horizon.

Experience San Simeon by the Sound Firsthand

Now that you’ve read all about San Simeon’s award-winning facility and staff, why not take the next step? Contact us to schedule a visit and learn about everything we have to offer you or your loved one.

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