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The Benefits of Water Exercises for Seniors

Splashing in a pool is not only for kids but senior citizens too. We don’t mean cannonballs or flips, but simple water exercises that are fun and can improve your health. Water offers natural resistance and is easy on the joints. It’s the perfect way to add physical activity to a daily routine.

Popular Types of Water Exercises to Try

Water Walking

This is a good exercise to start with.  Walk across the pool in waist-high water. Swing your arms.  Use resistance devices, like hand webs, to make the workout more challenging.  Wear water shoes to keep from slipping.  To step up your workout, try a little jogging. 

Arm & Leg Exercises

Hand webs or foam water weights are perfect for strengthening the triceps and biceps.  The water will add resistance and help make your muscles stronger.  Try some leg lifts or kicks to give the legs a good workout.  Use resistance devices to increase the intensity.  

Instructor with Seniors
Seniors Balancing in Pool

Balance Exercises

We tend to lose balance as we age and injuries from falls on land are common. Practice balancing in the pool, which offers a safer environment. Start slowly with simple balance moves like walking. As you build confidence and strength, try marching in place and standing on one leg.

Water Workout Health Benefits

Exercising in a pool builds muscle strength and improves balance and confidence. Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends. Water workouts can help increase energy, reduce stress, and improve sleep. Aquatic exercises can also boost heart and lung function and improve flexibility. Water classes are commonly offered by local governments, recreation and community centers.

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