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An Important Message From Our Administrator

Good Afternoon San Simeon Family Members,

We are pleased to report that San Simeon’s residents continue to be COVID-19/Coronavirus free. Amazingly, we have not had any confirmed or suspected cases since the beginning of this pandemic.

While we acknowledge there is a degree of luck in this, the early aggressive and decisive actions we took as a facility to ensure your loved ones good health and safety have clearly paid off. You can rest assured, even as NY begins to go forward and “unpause”, we will remain vigilant in our efforts to remain virus free.

Thank You!

We deeply appreciate the immense support, patience and large degree of understanding our families have afforded us throughout this challenging time. The entire local community has been really supportive and we are forever grateful.

We look forward to a time when things are more “normal” and you can visit your loved ones in person again. Until that time, be assured your family members is receiving the best care available.

Feel free to contact the facility with any concerns or questions.

Stay safe and be well.

Executive Vice President & Administrator

Steven Smyth
Steven C. Smyth, Executive Vice President & Administrator at San Simeon by the Sound
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