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San Simeon’s Occupational Therapists – Trained, Skilled, Compassionate

Occupational therapy focuses on achieving health, well-being, and participation in life through performance of activities of daily living and activities of choice and leisure. Occupational therapists are specialists in the performance of physical, mental and psychosocial aspects of injury.

Unique Therapies for Every Individual

Occupational therapy identifies strengths and deficits, and addresses barriers that hinder occupational performance in activities that are necessary in daily life. This kind of therapy enables residents in many ways – from helping short-term residents regain the skills they need to return home – to enhancing the lives of long-term residents.

San Simeon by the Sound provides occupational therapy services 5-7 days per week and addresses a wide variety of functional mobility limitations that directly affect a person’s activity level in their daily living. Before therapy is given, an individualized evaluation is performed, during which the patient, family and occupational therapist determine the person’s goals. A customized plan is then put into place to perform daily activities and reach objectives.

Occupational therapists (known as (OT/OTR) and occupational therapy assistants (known as (COTA/OTA) will provide equipment to assist with specific movements, modify the person’s environment to maximize independence, and facilitate participation in certain activities.

Occupational therapist working with patient

San Simeon’s Occupational Therapists & Occupational Therapy Assistants Provide Assessments & Interventions, Including:

  • Providing skills training for activities related to the patient’s discharge environment, such as self-care tasks with use of adaptive equipment and preparing meals. San Simeon has a full working kitchen in the rehab department for Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills training.
  • Training in functional mobility, such as negotiating an assistive device during self-care, household, or kitchen tasks
  • Assessing and recommending home modifications or equipment to reduce barriers and promote safe functioning upon discharge
  • Instructing residents and caregivers in techniques to improve positioning, reduce the need for restraints, reduce pain and risk of contracture, and maintain skin integrity
  • Modifying the environment and adapting tasks for safety
  • Providing education and solutions to enhance function and preserve dignity in adults with dementia
Occupational therapy - making pizza

Therapy for Independence

The occupational therapists at San Simeon work together to keep the patient as functional and as independent as possible by providing them with dignity and enhancing their quality of life. They help patients relearn daily activities, such as bathing, dressing and feeding themselves. A specific treatment program is put together and tailored to each patient to help with their memory of doing these everyday things as well as increase their sense of competency and personal happiness.

San Simeon’s occupational therapists also determine the appropriate equipment to be used for each patient to help with the necessary skills of daily living. Therapists will often use strength-testing devices to assess the need and how frequent equipment should be utilized.

It’s not easy finding a skilled nursing/rehabilitation facility for your loved one. Not only are the occupational therapists at San Simon qualified through education and training, but they have the patience, adaptability, compassion, empathy, and respect for diversity – and that’s what makes them successful in helping patients.

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